From Lionsgate

Trailer: The origin story “Leatherface” profiles the rise of a lunatic

From Lionsgate

The 8th installment of the Texas Chainsaw Massacre franchise has gotten a brand new trailer.

“Leatherface” is an origin story that takes place roughly a decade before the events of the original Texas Chainsaw Massacre.

Here is the plot summary from Lionsgate

In Texas, years before the events of the Texas Chainsaw Massacre, in the early days of the infamous Sawyer family, the youngest child is sentenced to a mental hospital after a suspicious incident leaves the sheriffs’ daughter dead. Ten years later, he kidnaps a young nurse and escapes with 3 other inmates. Pursued by authorities including the deranged sheriff out to avenge his daughter’s death, the young Sawyer teen goes on a violent road trip from hell, molding him into the monster known now as Leatherface.
Leatherface will available on Direct TV September 20th, and will be released on demand October 20th



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