From Warner Brothers

Trailer: Wonder Woman is looking more and more like a blockbuster

From Warner Brothers

Warner Brothers has released the second international trailer for the action adventure spectacular Wonder Woman.

Starring Gal Gadot, Wonder Woman will be the 4th entry in the expanding DC Comic Universe.

For the first time in history, one of the most famous comic book characters of all time will be featured in her own solo movie.

The stakes are high.

As of now, the comic book film industry has not truly showcased a woman, so the success of the movie coud have long reaching implications for the advancement of female actors that want larger roles.

Second, the DC comics expanded universe has been torn apart by critics during the initial run.

Suicide Squad, and Batman V Superman were crushed by the media despite massive hauls at the box office.

The studio badly needs this film to be a success.

Here is the plot summary from Warner Brothers

In the early 20th century, the Amazon princess Diana, who is living on the island of Themyscira, meets American military pilot Steve Trevor when he is washed ashore. After learning from him about the ongoing events of World War I, she leaves her home to bring an early end to the war.

We have posted the new trailer here!

Check it out!

Wonder Woman is an upcoming American superhero film based on the DC Comics character of the same name, distributed by Warner Bros. Pictures. It is intended to be the fourth installment in the DC Extended Universe. The film is directed by Patty Jenkins, written by Allan Heinberg, Geoff Johns and Patty Jenkins, from a story by Heinberg and Zack Snyder, and stars Gal Gadot, Chris Pine, Connie Nielsen, Robin Wright, Lucy Davis, Lisa Loven Kongsli, Danny Huston, Elena Anaya, Ewen Bremner, Saïd Taghmaoui and David Thewlis.



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