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Video: Chadwick Boseman gives his “best hero award” to James Shaw Jr

From Marvel

The Black Panther reigns supreme.

A commercial and critical triumph for Marvel Studios, it made more money stateside than Avengers Infinity War did, who could have predicted that?

There is an argument, that it’s the hottest franchise in Hollywood, and could pull down even bigger numbers next time.

Against that backdrop, Chadwick Boseman found a way to elevate himself to even greater heights, adding more intrigue to growing mystique surrouding this burgeoning cultural phenomenon.

After receiving the award for “Best Hero” at the VMA’s, Mr. Boseman opted to give his award to James Shaw Jr, the young man who saved lives at the Waffle House shootout in Tennessee earlier this year.

James Shaw Jr did not immediately get the attention his heroic acts deserved, but the Black Panther put has that problem to bed forever.

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