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Michelle Wolf annihilates Donald Trump at the correspondents dinner

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Comedian Michelle Wolf ate Donald Trump alive at the White House Correspondent’s dinner Saturday night, and she took devastating pot shots at the entire administration, made a mockery of the federal government with an entire room laughing their asses off.

Mr. President was in Michigan attempting to galvanize voters ahead of the futile midterm elections, and opted to skip the dinner entirely, much to the chagrin of the free press.

In retrospect, it was a brillant decision, because Trump’s head would have exploded if he has been present in the room for Michelle’s take down.

This was a proud, strong, brilliant woman pulling Trump’s card on the highest level, and because he didn’t have the courage to share a room with the #fakenews media, he left himself wide open to ruthless ridicule.

Destroying somebody ¬†as throughly as Wolf cooked Trump is the type of content that is never forgotten, this was worse than Ether by Nasir Jones, Wolf snatched Trump’s soul on his turf, and there is nothing he can do about it.



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