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Watch: Christophers Nolan’s Dunkirk gets a new trailer!

From Warner Brothers

Visionary filmmaker Christopher Nolan is all set to release his much anticipated war drama Dunkirk.

Set against the backdrop of the famed Battle of Dunkirk that helped shaped World War Two, the impending film has excited movie goers all over the globe due to the transcendent talent of the director, and the historical significance of the story.

Here is the plot summary.

From Warner Brothers

Allied soldiers from Britain, Belgium, Canada, and France are surrounded by the German Army on the beaches of Dunkirk and evacuated in Operation Dynamo between 26 May and 4 June 1940, during the early stages of the Second World War

We have posted the new trailer here!

Check it out!

The battle of Dunkirk will be reimagined in theaters on July 21st, 2017



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