From Universal Pictures

Watch: The new Mummy Trailer reveals the true power of the monster

From Universal Pictures

The Tom Cruise led reboot of the Mummy is closing in on its theatrical release this summer.

After the highly successful Mummy franchise led by Brandon Fraser, Universal seeks to tap the well once again.

This film is rumored to be the first in a monster universe, and Dr. Henry Jekyll’s(Russell Crowe) inclusion in the film gives the theory credibility.

Here is the plot summary from Universal Pictures.

“Thousands of years ago, an ancient princess whose destiny was unjustly taken from her, was mummified and entombed in an ancient tomb buried deep beneath the desert.

She awakens in the contemporary world, bringing with her a malevolent grudge that has grown over millennia and terrors that will defy all of humanity.”

Universal dropped the new trailer for the film this morning.

Check it out!

The Mummy will be released June 9th, 2017




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