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Woah: The best picture blunder at the Academy Awards was all time bad

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The 89th academy awards was staged last night in Los Angeles California.

The star studded affair was a success, hollywood’s finest did not use their stage to pass judgement on the direction of the country, they instead celebrated the wonderful accomplishments within the industry.

From Viola Davis (what an amazing acceptance speech!) winning her first Oscar, to Emma Stone establishing herself as the hottest performer in the game.

Moonlight had a surprising night, snatching 3 Oscars including the vaunted distinction of best picture.

At least that’s what the world found out after the award was mistakenly given to La La Land thanks to a massive blunder that will live in American folklore forever.

Warren Beatty and Faye Dunaway took the stage to present the award.

La La land was awarded the Oscar for Best Picture, and the cas of La La Land  got to experience the sheer joy of walking to the stage as a group, and accepting the highest honor in the industry as the crowd clapped and cried.

But then something happened, there was confusion on the stage.

The presenters realized that Moonlight was in fact the winner, and the stunned crowd went slient.

You could hear a mouse pee on cotton when La La Land producer Jordan Horowitz took the microphone, and informed the moonlight cast they had won, Horowitz had to urge the cast onto the stage because nobody could believe it.

Why did this happen?

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Well everyone is taking blame this morning for the blunder, from the firm  that handles the awards to the producers, even the glorious Emma Stone felt the heat afterwards.

The presenters?

Not so much, even though it was their mistake.

There is legitimate questions about what exactly Warren Beatty’s role in this is even though the crew backstage evidently was complicit in this error.

If he knew that the award was supposed to go to moonlight, why didn’t he flag someone backstage to assist him.

This was unfair to the cast of La La Land, and it minimized the moment for the crew of Moonlight.

A historic mistake, and we still don’t know what really happened.

We wil update this story as it develops. 



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