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ESPN throwing Jemele Hill under the bus won’t sit well with her colleagues

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Sportscenter anchor Jemele Hill is currently enduring one of the most challegning moments of her career as a broadcast journalist.

Two days ago, Jemele produced the following commentary on Twitter.

From Twitter

The backlash was muted initially, only when the outcry reached Washington DC did ESPN feel the need to weigh in.

ESPN’s position on the matter is curious, very rarely have they gone to this extent to distance themselves from an employee.

Even when Stephen A Smith accused women of being complicit in sexual assault, ESPN did not take such a quick hard line.

Of course Jemele’s twitter rant was rough around the edges, but that’s only because she was telling the truth. Hill’s brutally honest commentary was 100% consistent with what we have seen from this new administration in the White House.

Even when President Trump has been given ample opporunity to distance himself from hate groups that employ white identity principles, he has failed to do so.

Then, when he attempts to say the right thing, he contradicts himself 24 hours later.

Such behavior had an adverse affect on minorities(and decent people) in this country, it projects the message that America is under the thumb of Neo Nazi sympathizers, and that in turn has made countless people angry.

Jemele Hill is human, a very famous human, but she feels anger just like the rest of us, and there is much worse things she could have published about the President of the United States.

The civil rights movement, and the social revolution that followed, defined America, and people are dismayed that the new Presidet seems intent on taking this country backwards.

ESPN is calling Hill’s statements “inappropriate” despite the fact that they are accurate is going to cause problems at the network because many of Hill’s colleagues feel the same exact way, and will feel betrayed that ESPN bowed to political pressure.

Jemele Hill is an African American woman, who rose to superstardom in a field dominated by white men, this was possible because she is real, she tells the truth, and oh yeah, she is absolutely brilliant when it comes to sports, politics, and society.

A very disappointing move by ESPN, one that could alienate network executives from employees





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