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Facts: Jamaica may be beautiful, but the country has serious problems

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In the Caribbean lies the tropical island of Jamaica, also knows as the land of wood and water. Many may know it for their domination of track and field in the Olympics. Millions of tourist visit every year, it is seen universally revered for its terrific resorts for tourists to reside as they explore the main attractions of the small island, such as Dunn’s River Fall, Dolphins Cove, and the Bob Marley Museum, to name a few.

What many don’t see when the visit Jamaica is the daily lives of the citizens. When most think of the island, they think of blue beaches, perfect weather and the great food, but what most don’t witness is the inner workings of the island.

In the rural parts of the island resides residences who make a living from their surroundings. My dad has always raised chickens cows and goats to sell when they are fully grown.

He would bring home a couple crates of chicklets every month, to grow and sell. The goats and cows were free range in a closed environment, but not entirely protected from passer-bys. Most farmers in Jamaica have the same problem. Thieves. They age old question is “how do I stop people from stealing my animals and crops?” In the country, passer-bys come and go on lands freely, making it easily to scope out the animals on the land to steal when they want to. In one year alone, my dad has lost roughly 20 goats he was raising, discouraged, he now only raises a handful for his own use.

When asked why people steal goats the answer was all along the same path. Coupled with that fact that there are not many jobs to go around to employ everyone, and the fact that some people don’t want to work, their easy solution is to steal animals to make quick cash without working for it.

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The lotto scam is a large scale crime compared to stealing animals. The lotto scam, also known as the advanced fee fraud, dates back to 2012 in Jamaica while other 3rd world countries have been doing it for much longer. Some Jamaicans have picked up the habit of targeting elderly, mostly with Alzheimer’s to report that they have won the lotto, but they need to send money in order to get the winnings.

Cognizant people would remember if they bought a lotto ticket or not, that’s why this is such a big problem, it’s cruel to prey on the helpless.  Jamaican scammers have swindled about 1 billion dollars from Americans, mainly the elderly over the past four years. Both the Jamaican and the US are working together to bring the criminals to justice.

Back in April of this year, 8 scammers have been extradited from Jamaica to North Dakota to face trial in court.  Only time will tell whether the people of such a tiny island will get back to the way they used to work for everything instead of making a living out of stealing




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