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Hey Jeff Sessions, are you serious right now?

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A couple minutes ago I logged onto Twitter, and saw this.

I had to run the tape back to make sure I was hearing Mr. Sessions correctly.

This is the Attorney General on the podium, and he just promoted values that are consistent with a white supremacist.

This is the most disgusting example of racism I have ever seen or heard from a public official, Mr. Sessions did not bat an eyelash when telling the country that white people are synonymous with the tradition of law and order.

The Attorney General’s pulse did not rise above a 70, he was far too comfortable during this “speech”

The last time I personally heard such a sentiment was not from the top law enforcement officer in the country, it was from Thomas Robb(the grand wizard of the Klu Klux Klan) during a interview with myself, and one of our reporters Brianne Kane

Thomas Robb was one thing, the acting Attorney General of the United States of America is quite another.

Anglo-American means white people, there is no other way to interept this statement.

How in the world should minorites that are currently employed by the Justice Department feel about these remarks?

It goes beyond the DOJ, how should minorities that work as sheriffs absorb this?

There is career law enforcement officials that are African American, Asian American, Hispanic American, the list is endless, and Mr. Sessions just denigrated all of them while elevating white law enforcement as a whole.

Jeff Sessions should resign, we cannot have a flaming bigot influencing the rule of law, or using his position of power to advertise such unbelievable levels of racism.

Jeff Sessions has got to go.



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