From Warner Brothers

I have mixed feelings on a “women only” screening for Wonder Woman

From Warner Brothers

Wonder Woman is going to fly into theaters next week.

Early reviews are positive, whether or not that will translate into box office dollars remains to be seen.

In the lead up to the worldwide release, Warner Brothers has screened the movie for studio executives, critics, and some fans although that has not been confirmed.

A screening that is catching some attention is the “women only” screening that is taking place through Alamo House theaters.

On the surface, it’s a statement for female empowerment at a time in this country when such demonstrations are needed.

Organizers also plan to donate the proceeds from the screenings to Planned Parenthood.


It somewhat defeats the purpose to advocate for gender equality by participating in gender discrimination.

Which this is.

To banish men from a screening to a movie is every bit as ridiculous as doing the same thing to women.

Gender discrimination is gender discrimination.

If the upcoming Thor threequel were to stage screenings for “men only”, how would that play with activists and watchdogs?

Not well, so this should be no different.

Congrats to cast and crew of Wonder Woman, and cheers to organizers for attempting to use this glorious stage to create awareness.

Perhaps they could have gone about it a different way.



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