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In a hypocritical move, Twitter suspends Rose McGowan’s account

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Shortly after Rose McGowan expressed frustration with the “ladies of Hollywood” on Twitter because of the “silence” that had ensued after allegations of sexual misconduct against Harvey Weinstein became public, a funny thing happened.

The actress reported on her Instagram page that she had been suspended from Twitter.

Twitter would eventually cite a tweet about Ben Affleck as the basis for the suspension.

But nobody is buying that right now, the excuse was pure damage control.

The suspension is such an odd move for the social media giant, it’s almost counter to the stated beliefs of the company, and the general purpose of the Twitter engine.

We have looked at McGowan’s intial tweets backwards, and forwards, and for the life of us, we cannnot find a single offensive phrase within her tweet storm.

Not one.

She did post a phone number, but how many times have we seen people demand(while posting the number) that twitter users call their local senator, or the White House?

Meanwhile, Twitter is content to allow the President of the United States to commit libel on a daily basis, they didn’t suspend the President when he told the entire country he was personally wiretapped by Barack Obama, or when he makes racially charged statements at 6 in the morning, Twitter does not blink as the Donald Trump attacks a ravaged Puerto Rico.

Twitter taking the moral high ground with Rose McGowan but bowing down to Donald Trump is part of the larger problem that McGowan was attempting to address.

Rose McGowan opened the flood gates with her tweets, women all over the industry came out against Harvey Weinstein including Angelina Jolie, and Gwyneth Paltrow.

Twitter has some questions to answer, it seems they are moving the goal post in suspending McGowan, suppressing a voice that was calling for courage from her sisters in arms.

She was not publishing lies, or calling for Americans to physical assault Weinstein, she was not harassing anyone.

Like McGowan, this writer believes that someone in the industry got to Twitter on behalf of Weinstein or Weinstein’s company.

This was about more than Affleck’s tweet, give me a break.

This episode is falls in line with why women have been afriad to come forward, many of them believe Harvey Weinstein would use his power and influence to damage their careers.


The NYPD has confirmed to Buzzfeed that they are investigating Harvey Weinstein for an alleged sexual assault in 2004.

The Justice Department has also opened a probe into Mr. Weinsteins machinations over the last 25 years.

As many as 20 women have alleged that Mr. Weinstein assaulted them at one point or another.

Depsite all the moving and shaking by surrogates of Mr. Weinstein, he still could face lady justice for the crimes he allegedly committed.

Lucikly for all of us, Twitter cannot suspend criminal investigations.



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