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This was a pretty tone deaf tweet from Ivanka Trump

From Twitter

Last week it was revealed that department of border protection had lost almost 1500 children.

You read that correctly.

Roughly 1500 immigrant children that had been seperated from their parents have completely disappeared into the ether.

These kids have yet to be found, and the fear is they never will be.

So many kids being unaccounted for is totally unacceptable no matter what their race is, and there is a growing outcry that  ALL of these missing children be located as soon as possible.

Against the backdrop of of a scathing national discussion concerning her father’s immigration policies, Ivanka Trump a big happy picture with her son.

Some have called the social media contribution tone deaf, but such an allegation might not be giving Ivanka enough credit.

Mrs. Trump is extremely aware of how she is marketed, she thinks before she leaps constantly, so it’s difficult to believe she didn’t realize this post would engender a negative reaction.

Everyone is so happy for Ivanka Trump, she can hold her child, and post about it on Twitter.

But what the thousands of immigrant parents who had their children kidnapped, and have not held their babies in years?

What about them Ivanka?



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