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Is the criticism of Jessica Chastain fair?

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Actress Jessica Chastain is taking some heat after the LA Times Magazine published a cover of the performer sitting alongside some of her high profile colleagues.

Six white women with a title that read a “shift in focus”.

The cover underlined the fact that there is not a single woman of color in the running for best actress, and the implication of a “shift in focus” is even worse than that.

Chastain for her part has advocated for Hollywood to achieve a higher level of diversity, so her involvement in such a tone deaf cover generated serious backlash on social media accounts.

While Chastain certainly opened herself up to scrutiny by appearing on the cover, women of color failing to obtain leading roles is a problem that goes beyond magazine covers, or one performer.

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It’s a larger issue facing the industry as a whole, those that angered by Hollywood’s obsession with white women is not something any one person should have to be accountable for.

It’s a culture, and it seems it’s not going to change anytime soon.



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