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James Wood’s homophobic tweet about Anderson Cooper was pathetic

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Hollywood legend James Woods is among the more revered actors of all time.

An electrifying performer, and a brilliant mind.

Wood’s is also a hardline conservative, and a rabid supporter of President Trump.

During the fallout of the now infamous termination of than FBI director James Comey, Anderson Cooper was awarded the misfortune of interviewing Kelly Anne Conway, who has a disastrous reputation when it comes to representing the facts on live television.

Cooper lost patience with Conway over her blatant evasiveness during key questions, and rolled his eyes.

It was slightly unprofessional, but even the great Anderson Cooper is finding difficult to not become emotional over the toxic dishonesty steaming out of the White House.

James Woods took major exception, and produced a tweet that needs to be examined.

This is a homophobic slur masked in the form of a tweet.

When a twitter user questioned Woods about the authenticity of the tweet, Mr. Woods doubled down, and he did so with bravado.

He wants us to know he is being a bigot, he is championing his bigotry like its a world title belt.

Cooper may have crossed an ethical line, but that has nothing to do with his sexuality, or anyone else’s.

This is totally unacceptable, this goes beyond party politics.

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James Woods works in Hollywood, a very progressive industry, this tweet damaged friends, colleagues, fans, and everyday citizens.

It would be sound judgement to apologize, then again.

Many people associated with the President, and a large number of his supporters, have clashed with Americans over gender, race, religion, sexuality, and just about everything that makes this country a true melting pot.

We should not be surprised about such rhetoric spewing from someone attempting to defend the President, if you look at the long list of people that continue to embrace his Presidency, there is a considerable percentage who behave like Mr. Woods did on twitter.

The other day we posted a video of a Trump supporter harassing a Muslim woman in the ugliest of ways.

These emboldened bigot warriors will have their time in the sun, the President of the United States is facing criminal and political scrutiny that is growing like a weed, America won’t always be under the thumb of Donald Trump.

Everything these people are doing and saying will have to be explained eventually.

That goes from house Republicans to citizens who seem to believe this President being in office gives them a license to cultivate intolerance.





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