From Jim Carrey

Jim Carrey: How inappropriate are his paintings?

From Jim Carrey

World famous actor Jim Carrey has embarked upon a controversial campaign with his paint brush.

Over the last 3 weeks or so, he has produced images of public figures that could be construed as offensive.

Carrey’s paintings are politically charged, obstinately brilliant, his talent is undeniable, but is his work something that should be accepted by decent society?

Depends on who you ask, the unconfirmed portrait of Sarah Sanders caused a stir, it was viewed as derogatory ¬†and misogynistic by Trump’s base.

From Jim Carrey

His other paints are not as pointed, but they make their point.

Oddly enough, Carrey has not been truly held accountable, the backlash is partisan, so he is content to keep stirring the pot, and breaking the internet when he publishes.

Some believe Carrey is coming from a place of humor, but his paintings are dark, serious, astonishing political commentary communicated through images.

Carrey’s paintings have reminded the world how powerful art can be, but did he cross the line with the Trump/Stormy Daniels graphic?.

Was it tasteful?

Should children be seeing it?

Trump’s life is a cartoon, the President has become a caricature, but anyone being publicly depicted in this fashion could be viewed as unfair.

From Jim Carrey

Jim Carrey has the right to paint what he wants, but there is danger in humiliating someone because you dislike them personally.

There has to be a limit, a boundary, and Mr. Carrey is certainly towing the line.





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