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Kanye West is canceling his tour as punishment for fans booing his election rant

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Kayne West is as polarizing as any public figure in the country.

A brilliant music producer, but a caveman when it comes to matters of decorum.

He has engaged in behavior over the course of his career that could be defined as volatile, even dangerous.

Kayne West is perpetually driven by his need for respect, his insecurities are his fatal flaw.

His ego is fed by his quest for acceptance.

As loud as he can be, he is a very sensitive man, who truly takes any slight to his accomplishments as an act of war.

Kanye has been disrespectful to a number of his contemporaries, but heaven help anyone that even comes close to making Kanye feel less than respected.

He commands his just due, and if he feels such sentiments are not being afforded to him, he freaks out.

We have seen it in public, and heard about it in private.

Sensational Kanye West headlines usually are negative, and involve him beefing with an organization, or a person.

West took it to the next level this week

He has gone from calling out Presidents, and accosting Taylor Swift, to beefing with his fans.

The people that pay money for his music, and buy tickets to his concerts.

At a concert in San Jose California last week, West really rocked the political boat, and pushed his fans to the edge.

Kanye West’s political views are his own, but that has nothing to do with his fans, or the constitutional right to voice displeasure in public.

Kanye West has fans from all walks of life, but the majority of them are citizens that subscribe to the idea of tolerance.

That dynamic is due in large part to the nature of Kanye’s persona.

That is a message in West’s music, to love everyone.

So it boggles the mind that Kanye would flaunt the fact that is a Trump supporter.

Did that really need to be an aspect of the show?

Even worse, he addressed African Americans, and instructed them to stop using race as a crutch in so many words.

  1. That’s just stupid, racism is an American problem, not just an African American problem 
  2. It’s risky to chide African Americans, and praise Donald Trump at a hip hop concert. 


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What did Kanye West believe would be the result of this little speech?

Did he expect the crowd to burst into thunderous applause?

Even bringing up the election was a mistake, but to make such divisive statements did nothing to help the show move along.

As is usually the case with Kany Wests, he has taken the crowds reaction personally.

This nigga crazy 🤓

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So he reacted by acting like a manic at his next concert in Sacramento California.

He performed two songs, ranted about politics, and then bounced.

He then canceled his concert in Los Angeles, and stunned his fans by shutting down the tour altogether the a couple days later.

From CNN

From political rants to a canceled Los Angeles concert, West’s followers aren’t sure what to make of the eccentric rapper’s most recent activities.

On Monday, West canceled the rest of his 2016 tour dates — which had been scheduled through New Year’s Eve.

“The remaining dates on the SAINT PABLO TOUR have been canceled,” according to a statement from Live Nation. “Tickets will be fully refunded at point of purchase.”

Kanye West is a proud man, and to call him eccentric would be an understatement, but he is doing incredible damage to his brand.

He has become so arrogant, so single minded, that he does not even care about the people who purchase his product.

From Wiki
From Wiki

These are loyal, paying customers, and his behavior over the last week will make it difficult for anyone to support him.

Kanye canceling the tour is his way of lashing out at the fans that booed him, and all of the internet trolls that believe he has gone off the deep end.

At the end of the day, Kanye West is only hurting himself.

He is confirming what many already believed, that West’s does not truly appreciate the fans that support him.

Alienating his fanbase will  harm his marketabililty moving forward, it might be time for him to take a vacation, and stay off the internet for awhile.







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