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Lil Bow Wow crushed on social media after lying about being on a private jet

From Instagram

Shad Moss aka Lil Bow Wow stepped into a large pile of internet trolls when he made the mystifying decision to post a fake picture of a private jet on Instagram, and then claim he was riding that private jet.

The rapper posted that he was headed to Atlanta to film Love and Hip Hop.

The problem is, Bow Wow was spotted shortly thereafter on a commercial flight.

Certainly a far cry from a swanky private jet with bottle service.

Flossing, ballin, whatever impression Bow Wow hoped to inspire with his Bow Wow challenge crashed and burned when he was seen flying a commercial plane just like the rest of us.

Twitter, Instagram, Bow Wow was the laughing stock of America this week, and that’s saying a lot considering what’s going on at the White House.

Bow Wow attempted to explain his fib on Hot 97.5, claiming that he lied for scientific reasons.


This is a case of somebody attempting to project wealth, and status, when in reality, plenty of millionaires prefer commercial flights.

Flying commercially is not an indictment on anybody, and last time we checked, Bow Wow’s albums are not exactly selling like hotcakes.

This entire fiasco could have been avoided if he has just been honest with his fans, or not said anything at all.

Being true to yourself has it’s advantages.




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