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Look: The beef between Wendys and the Pure Water Company is hilarious

From @keely_mcmillan

Company signs in front of fast food joints are par for the course, we see them everyday and don’t think much of them.

Very rarely do these billboards contain information that is worthy of a double take.


But that’s not the case in Lubbock Texas is it.?

For reasons that are unknown, a company┬ácall┬áPure Water, and a franchised location of the burger joint Wendy’s, started a war of words through the signs that sit out in front of the locations.

It was amazing.


There was nothing violent about these exchanges, both sides seemed to take a humorous approach to the beef, and the winner was the internet.



Lets all hope this becomes trend, such behavior could elevate the awareness of fast food signs.


It appears this beef did not escalate beyond the brilliance of the signs.


Well done on both sides.



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