Look: An interracial couple take an ugly fight over the child looking “too black” public

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I saw a story on Twitter I could hardly believe it.

A man named Nick Harris took to social media  recently to voice his shock over the actions of his ex girlfriend.

He shared a personal story that blew my hair back.

Harris had taken the former couple’s daughter to have her hair braided, and then texted a picture of the little girl to her mother so she could see it.

Nick Harris is black, and his ex girlfriend is evidently white.

What would follow is surprising, considering the mother is discussing her own daughter.

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This mother, whomever she is, is truly ashamed of who her daughter is, furthermore, she intends on instructing this young lady to ignore her African American heritage.

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She would prefer she discards it, like an ugly shirt, or shoes that don’t fit.

Also, why in the world would you have a child with a minority if you internally feel hatred towards his race?

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How does that work?

The sad part is, the child will one day see all of this, it blew up on the internet.

So I am curious how mom plans on explaining her behavior when the day comes.




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