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Delta releases statement on the Ann Coulter twitter beef (Updated)

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Political pundit Ann Coulter went bonkers on Delta airlines this weekend after she was forced to move out of her seat with seemingly no explanation.

The tweet storm was directed at the employees of Delta, and mystified social media users because she was only asked to move her seat.

She was not dragged off the airplane, she did not miss her flight, but her tweet storm was brutal

Delta airlines took exception to the rant, and clapped back brilliantly.

Delta pointed out that Coulter’s upgrade cost roughly $30, and that they would be happy to refund her that amount to a person who makes millions of dollars.

The company also correctly pointed out that the personal attacks on the entire workforce were unacceptable to get her point across.

Coulter made the valid point that she specifically paid for a seat with extra room, and did not receive what she paid for with zero notice.

Social media users seemed split on the issue, some totally agree that Delta’s behavior should be considered bad customer service, but others believe the highly personal rant discredited her plight.

December 17th, 12:24am

Delta airlines released an extended statement detailing the airline’s perspective of the incident in question.

Delta apologized for the error, but still raised concern about the manner in which Mr. Coulter escalated her problem with the flight.

Instead of confronting the airlines directly, she jumped on twitter, attacked the company, and was unreachable when the airlines attempted to contact her.

Ann Coulter has yet to comment on the statement released by Delta.



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