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Look: Damon Wayans Jr’s 4th of July tweet was bigoted, and irresponsible

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Damon Wayans Jr. caused an uproar over the Holiday weekend when he posted a tweet an overtly racist tweet.

While everyone else was content posting well wishes to fellow Americans on our nation’s birthday, Damon Wayans Jr. instead chose to fan the flames of race, and produce commentary that is hypocritical, and extremely inflammatory.

Wayans Jr. producing a controversial tweet like this on a day that is reserved for happiness, and family events, is one of the more ill timed public decisions we have seen in a long time.

From Twitter

Mr. Wayans Jr. has expressed bemusement at the backlash, stating “he didn’t know jokes were illegal”. 


So if Steve Carrell hopped on Twitter, and posted “Happy MLK day homeys, free black panther T-shirts and chicken wings on me!”, would Wayans Jr. have a problem with it?

Would he take it as a joke?

Wayans Jr. generalized millions of people, and grouped them in with the slave trade because they are white.

That’s an irresponsible course of action to take when your a public figure.

A pathetic notion rampant in the African American community is that black people somehow can only be victims of racism and are totally absolved of perpetrating racism.

It’s woefully hypocritical.

Damon Wayans Jr. posted a racist tweet, and the color of his skin does not wipe the stink off of it.

Racism is racism and that’s it.



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