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Look: Jose Canseco’s tweet storm was batsh/t crazy

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Earlier this evening, former MLB slugger Jose Canseco went bezerk on twitter, publishing tweets that made no sense whatsoever.

Canseco believes that the wave of sexual harrassment claims against men is rooted in some type of phyiscal bias.

A quick look at Canseco’s twitter feed will reveal random and incoherent streams of thought.

At times, you wonder if he is just attempting to get a reaction.

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Canseco believes that the victims are somehow at fault, that women across the world have a clandestine vendetta against less than attractive men.

Why Mr. Canseco would represent such extreme views is a question only he can answer, but his anger towards women in general might transcend any possible explanation he could provide.

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Mr. Canseco should abstain from the internet for the rest of 2017.



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