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NYT: Melania Trump is ape sh/t at her husband over the Stormy Daniels allegations

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The New York Times is reporting that first lady Melania Trump is beside herself after being “blindsided” by the report that her husband paid porn star Stormy Daniels over $130,000 in hush money roughly a month before the general election.

Mr. Trump allegedly cheated on Melania less than four months after she gave birth to Barron Trump, who is the only child in the Trump clan that is shared by the couple.

Originally, many believed that the exact details of Daniel’s relationship with the President would not go public because of the extensive efforts of Trump’s legal team to keep her quiet.

That all changed when intouch published a 5000 word transcript of an interview the magazine did with Stormy Daniels prior to her executing a non disclosure agreement with Mr. Trump.

The transcript is wild, almost unbelievable, but Mr. Trump still felt the need to pay $130,000(through a shell company in Delaware) to make the story go away.

As expected, the report was a humiliating circumstance for the reserved first lady, and the New York Times finally provided some insight into how the story has affected the first couple.

From the New York Times

“Mrs. Trump and the president have had a tumultuous relationship at times over the years, but few episodes have roiled the peace as much as the news surrounding Ms. Daniels. The reports of a payoff blindsided the first lady, who was furious with her husband, according to two people close to the couple. She has kept a low profile since”.

This story is hardly a shock.

Four months after Melania Trump gave birth to an infant son, her husband was banging a porn star, while telling mutal friends that he would give her “a week to drop the baby weight”.

Melania Trump had to read that on the internet.

The fact is, the story was super humiliating to Melania on several levels, if she walked out on her husband right now, nobody in the western hemisphere would blink.



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