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NYU needs to edit that “black history month menu”

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Are these people for real?

NYU, perhaps one of the most celebrated liberal institutions on earth, published a menu earlier this week in celebration of black history month.

The presumption is that the kitchen staff prepared cuisine that is persumably consumed by African Americans on a daily basis.

To make such an assumption in the first place is supremely ignorant, but if one were to peruse the menu itself, they actually might be surprised by what they find.

Kool-Aid and watermelon favored water?

Someone clearly believes the exercise was humorous, but African Americans, and most decent people would disagree.

It’s not funny, it’s not entertaining.

Questions about general oversight of the cafeteria is sure to be a topic of discussion amongst the board of directors in wake of the episode.

Believe it or not, African Americans enjoy all food, not just fried chicken and fruit punch

The people responsible for conception of this menu along with the individual who gave the green light to publish it should be fired.

Not only did they present the entire university in an unfavorable light, but they also poked fun at the general concept of black history month while claiming to be celebrating it.

Come on man, that’s just weak sauce all the way around.



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