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On No! Kim Zolciak’s 4 year old son undergoes surgery after dog bite

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Real housewives of Atlanta star Kim Zolciak experienced any parents worst nightmare over the weekend when her four year son was bitten by a dog, and had to undergo surgery.

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The child’s condition has stabilized, but the shock and the horror remain.

I don't know where to start. The last 14hrs of our lives has been a living nightmare. My sweet @kashbiermann was bit by a dog and had very traumatic injuries. I've never prayed so hard, or been so scared in my life. My husband, our daughters, Kj, Tracey, his nanny, Michael Beck and everyone close to us all pulled together and held each other up. Kash was in the operating room for a couple hours and now we are praying for a quick speedy recovery. Due to this I will not be on WWHL tonight but will do my best to make it up very soon! Thank you for all your prayers and most importantly Thank you God for your protection ❤️ A very special Thank you to my incredible medical team! A few days in the hospital and we will be back home ❤️

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Kim took to Instagram to explain the awful situation to her legion (2.1million) of concerned fans.

Her son, Kash, was operated on for hours, the scary images have been terrifying Americans for days.

The status of the dog has not yet been updated.

We wish Kash a speedy recovery!




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