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A 10 year old girl with cerebral palsy is detained at the hospital by ICE

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A young girl with cerebal palsy is set to be deported by the United States of America at some point in the next few weeks barring an unexpected breakthrough.

Images of this innocent child have flooded the internet.

Rosa Maria Hernandez was discovered by border agents at a check point in South Texas as she was being rushed by her family to the hospital for emergency gall bladder surgery.

The agents allowed Rosa Hernandez to pass, but followed her to the hospital, stood guard next to her room, and transported her (right after surgery)to a holding compound almost 140 miles away.

Rose Maria Hernandez suffers from Cerebral palsy.

Hernandez entered the United States over a decade ago, and per the orders of the White House, is facing deportation.

At first glance, this story is a sobering indictment on the social climate in this country.

A 10 year old girl with disabilities is not a threat, she is not a number, she is a person, and she was detained at a hospital because of her nationality.

Her circumstances, her age, none of it mattered to an over zealous group of federal officers.

Rosa Maria Hernandez will not spend the next month or so in holding, she will be treated like she is a criminal, even if she has needs that such a place is not set up for.

What a dark day to be an American.



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