5 surefire ways to achieve relationship success from an unconventional woman

From Twitter
From Twitter

Good Day! I am an Atheist, Bisexual, Polyamorous white Cis Woman.

Also, I have had over 100 lovers, and a plethora of relationship experience.

Most of my experiences have been relatively healthy, and I am a domestic abuse survivor. No big deal. I know commitment, I have had a stable relationship for almost 4 years. And I know experimentation, I love loving people.

So, not all bisexuals are polyamorous, stop assuming that. Some Bi’s are mono, some are poly. Not all non-monogamous people are religious, obvious. And not all polyamorous are pansexual. Some poly people are straight.

Now that you have the framework I will say, choose the relationship style that works for you.

Relationships are all very fluid. There is no rhyme or reason, and deep down you know that.

Here is the lowdown…

Create the relationship you want. Single, Mono, Queer, Poly, doesn’t matter.

From MC
From MC

Create, and be true to yourself.

Here are the basic tips:

1. Know your dealbreakers.

Know what you absolutely wont deal with. Do you want to date someone with kids, that drink alcohol, that hit you? Know your limits and boundaries. These are the keys to Your Kingdom or Queendom, but you have to set it down.

2. Know the type of qualities you want in a human.

Do you want educated, someone with a good relationship with their parents, someone courageous, an artist?

3. Follow your own rules.

Don’t be rigid, but don’t settle. If your human or humans does not meet your criteria, let go early, don’t compromise, don’t second guess yourself.

4. Sometimes the best person or people for you can bore you at times.

So what? Negotiate and work with these perfect people.

From MC
From MC

5. Love unconditionally, but do your research and know signs of abuse,

You can do it, Google and your friends are your friend.
Life is a beautiful journey, being Bi is okay, loving more than one person is okay. I don’t have good advice, just guidelines. And I support your choices so go for it. You screw up 1,000 times keep getting up. I got your back.

I have no regrets. Good and Bad (which is an illusion), I did what i knew to do at the time.

Be true to yourself and I am here for questions.

Go forth and be Self-Expressed.



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