Male birth control? Whats up with that?

From Twitter
From Twitter

I was male birth control is now a thing, it’s beyond development, men are actually using it.

Birth control has long been see a female only provision, abstaining from sex, or using protection is another form of birth control, but the medical options seem to be focused on women.

The “pill”, IUD’s, these innovations are not for men, so the idea of Male birth control is difficult to imagine, both the invention, and the application.

That appears to be changing now

From Fox News

“There may one day be a birth control shot for men, but not until researchers can overcome some undesirable side effects.

According to the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism, the new contraceptive injection for men was showing promise. In the studies, only four pregnancies occurred after more than 250 men received the treatment.

From Twitter
From Twitter

he clinical trial showed that such an injection can suppress sperm count and prevent pregnancy just as effectively as other popular contraceptive methods for women.”

According to the report, the sides effects reported ranged from acne, to mood swings, and depression.

Given the potential of the application, it’s surprising that the drug has not been advanced to further stages of development.

Condoms are uncomfortable, especially for well endowed men, and partners of mine have told me in the past it’s not great for the women either.

In terms of pleasure, condoms can be a buzz kill.

From RBF
From RBF

The numbers that were reported for this study are sound, the injection seems to be a viable way for men to avoid impregnating a partner, or someone else.

How men would go about obtaining the provision, the price, all of those factors certainly will come into play.

But if the injection works, and the side effects are tolerable, what’s the hold up?



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