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Snap Chat feeling the heat once again after lame domestic violence advertisement

From Snap Chat

Weeks after Kylie Jenner damaged the company to the tune of billions of dollars with a single tweet, Snap Chat continud a general downward spiral with a questionable advertisement that was published over the weekend.

An app titled “Would you Rather” appeared on the devices employed by users, within the advertisment was a pickem between slapping Rihanna, or punching Chris Brown.

The advertisment did not sit well with social media, the subsequent backlash lead to the removal of the advertisment, but not a statement from the company as of yet.

Some believe the advertisment glorified domestic violence while making a mockery of the extremely violent circumstance between the two singers in 2009.

Snap Chat is experiencing a second public relations disaster in little over a month, and questions about the general management of the company are sure to grow in wake of this latest episode.



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