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Sports Agent James Wood fired after using a hidden camera to film his clients in the shower

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A confusing story emerged in Major League Baseball this week when a high profile agent named James Woods was fired by his agency Career Sports, and suspended by MLB after being accused of filming his clients in the shower.

Mr. Wood currently represents over 45 clients in Major League Baseball.

The story broke after Jeff Passan of Yahoo spilled the beans on Twitter, the narrative mushroomed into a hot mess in the interim.

The allegation is that Mr. Wood inserted a hidden camera in his home that recorded his clients when they used his shower.

Which was quite often according to reports.


Mr. Wood has denied the allegations, but his employer and MLB deemed the accusations had enough merit to warrant serious action.

Mr. Wood is finished as a sports agent, who in their right mind would be comfortable being represented by a person that isn’t conflicted in the least about taping his clients(Unbeknownst to them) while they shower.

It’s sneaky, perverted, and weird.

Perhaps even criminal.





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