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Star Wars legend Mark Hamill destroyed Senator Ted Cruz on Twitter

From Twitter

Mark Hamill is having a pretty good weekend.

The dazzling “Last Jedi”(in which he plays a central role) pulled down over $450 million this weekend alone, the epic space opera is well on it’s way to eclisping over a billion in worldwide sales.

Despite the pure domination of Star Wars at the box office, Hamil’s sensibilities were offended earlier this week when FCC chairman Ajit Pai posted a puzzling video of himself against a Star Wars theme as he attempted to quell public fear over the Net Neutraility repeal.

He failed miserably, and the Last Jedi let him know about.

In response to Hamil’s  tweet, Senator Ted Cruz entered the fold, and chided Hamil while not spelling his name correctly.

Cruz did seem to have harmless intentions, but was still destroyed by the Last Jedi.

Senator Cruz is one of the more clever twitter users out there, and even he didn’t feel the need to clap back on this one.

Well done Master Skywalker.





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