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Starbucks: Is the backlash amid two black patrons being arrested justified?

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Two African American men were recently asked to leave a Starbucks in Philadelphia Pennsylvania.

They refused.

It appears the men wanted to use the bathroom, and were informed that it was not a public facility, that you have to make a purchase to use the restroom.

The two patrons did not take kindly to the decision.

The concerned sales associate called the cops, and the two men were arrested.

It has been all downhill from there as nationwide outrage has frozen the company, and forced the coffee makers to make serious reforms in real time.

Starbucks CEO Kevin Johnson has met with the two men, and apologized, he has also ordered over 8,000 locations to shut down in the coming weeks for what is assumed to be racial sensitivity training.

Starbucks has handled the situation in fine fashion, and doing everything possible to distance themselves from a perceived act of intolerance.

The internet has made it very clear that this situation was unfair to the two patrons who were arrested for hanging out at a Starbucks.

But was it fair to Starbucks?

After all, it was the cops who made the decision to arrest these two men, they could have easily shown up, and escorted the two gentlemen off the premises.

Furthermore, loitering is an actual offense, especially if citizens are hanging out at a business, and not buying anything, a point that the attending store manager made after the incident took place.

Life happens, people don’t need coffee but need to use the bathroom, or they need a location with wireless internet to send an email, this happens all the time.

But most eateries, coffee shops, or other places of business would prefer that you buy something if your going to hang out, the amenities that are accessible are usually reserved for paying customers.

It’s rare to find open source public bathrooms in a major city, outside of a shopping mall, or department stores, you would be hard pressed to find a spot you can chill at free of charge, and use the bathroom.

That’s not racism, that’s the business of being a consumer.

Did the associate who made the call really want to see these men hauled off to jail, was that really the end game?

Doubtful if you listen to the tape, the 911 call  was concise, and to the point.

“Hi, I have two gentlemen at my café that are refusing to make a purchase or leave. I’m at the Starbucks at 18th and Spruce”. 

Lets look at this from the perspective of the employee.

If two people come in, refuse to buy anything, get upset when informed the bathroom is for paying customers, and then refuse to leave, what would the average person do?

The average person will call the cops, intentional or not, such a circumstance creates an unsafe atmosphere, and disrupts the paying customers.

Not everyone is Wonder Woman, not everyone can(or wants too) put themselves at risk of a physical confrontation.

There is two sides to this argument, and anyone who says differently, please make your case below.

It’s unfortunate these two men were handcuffed, and had to do a perp walk that would eventually go viral, but they were not charged with any crimes, and Starbucks has gone 50 miles out of their way to make it right.

So the all this continued fuss is a big nothing burger in my opinion.






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