From Instagram

Stassi Schroeder posted an image titled “Nazi Chic”

From Instagram

“Vanderpump” star Stassi Schroeder was crushed on social media after she produced an image that is neither clever nor funny.

Her reasoning for publishing such an image is still being sorted out, but her explanation might be irrelevant at this point because there is zero excuse to make a joke out of the Nazi Reigme, or  the muderous rampage they embarked on during World War 2.

In fact, Schroeder’s  image seems to generalize several groups of people, including convicts, and African Americans.

Schroeder quickly edited the photo, but the damage was done, a totally uncalled for decision that will affect her public persona moving forward.

It should be noted that Schroeder did not publish an apology after the backlash, instead she labled an edited photo “appropriate redo”, which only further fueled the fire for offended social media users.

Bad form Stassi Schroeder, bad form.



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