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Stormy Daniels deserves a round of applause

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President Trump currently has 99 problems, and a porn star turned freedom fighter is the biggest of them all.

What started out as a run of mill hush money transaction, has quickly developed into a sh/tstorm that has put the entire Trump Presidency at risk.

The situation is bad timing as Special Counsel Robert Mueller is ready to pounce with a grand jury subpoena any day now, the President is already far beyond the machinations of Richard Nixon.

When Trump’s personal attorney funneled an illicit payment(that was forwarded to Daniel’s shortly before the election) through a newly incorporated shell company in Delaware, he violated federal election laws, and depending on what Mr. Trump knew and didn’t know, he could also be seen as complict in the commission of the crime.

The story went to the next level when Daniel’s sued Trump for violating the non-disclosure agreement, which in theory, gave the adult star free reign to share her story with the world.

At the time, many found the details of her story to be juicy, but the 60 minutes interview in March was viewed by many as a dud because it didn’t tell us anything we didn’t already know.

But Daniels was impressive in the interview, this was not a woman after a cheap money grab, this was an advocate that truly believed she had been given the chance to be a champion for her gender in the face of President who lives and breathes misogyny .

Daniels showed incredible strength of character before and after the interview, at no point has she run from her profession, who she is, or what she stands for.

Perhaps by design, she also created legal liability for Mr. Trump.

The Daniel’s narrative went from compelling to historic when the FBI raided the personal offices of Mr. Trump’s personal fixer/attorney Michael Cohen, who now is looking down the barrel of an indictment, and prison time if he refuses to flip on the President.

From that point on, the story has been a tumbling house of cards, despite the fact that the Daniel’s civil suit was issued a stay while the criminal side does it’s work.

Stormy Daniels has not only beaten the President, she has driven him to his knees, and it’s highly likely that the raid on Michael Cohen’s office has already placed Mr. Trump in impeachable legal jeopardy.

Daniels is not only a victim of intimidation, bully tactics, and death threats, she has become much more than that.

Daniels is a battle cry for all women who wish to stand up to this President, a trailblazer that is going to hold the President accountable for his actions, and she is willing to go down with the ship to do so.

Mr. Trump has made a habit of insulting women, denigrating them, abusing them verbally and allegedly physically, and laughing into podium microphones while he does it, it’s the arrogance of Trump that has made him an adversary to so many.

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But when it comes to Daniels, he is a hot mess.

The Trump camp has produced five different stories concerning Stormy Daniels in the last week, even at the expense of undercutting one another, and destroying any credibility the President has left.

It’s a three ring circus, Trump plainly told the country on Air Force One three weeks ago that he didn’t know of any payment to Stormy Daniels, and that we should talk to Michael Cohen about it.

Over the last three weeks, that has proven to be a bold face lie, the President is so terrifed of Daniels, that he was willing to tell a harmful fable to the press aboard the plane that carries America’s elected leader.

To make matters worse, the President then has one of his attorneys, tweet out an admission of guilt from his twitter account when he realized his story was not holding water.

The President did not have the humility, or the eloquence, to face the American public, and just tell us the truth.

That is a major red flag, the man does not have the moral fiber to be a leader.

We knew that already, but it has never been more apparent than it is right now.

As damaging as the results of the Mueller investigation will eventually be, Stormy Daniels has put a very ugly face on this President.

Trump, and his team, committed a felony in the interest of influencing the election, then attempted to hide the money using a phony company, then lied about it, then threatened the person they paid, then lied about it some more, and only when the FBI started kicking down doors, did these two angels feel the need to be honest about what happened.

Collusion, obstruction of justice, treason, we have no clue where Robert Mueller’s quest will take us, but we know for a fact that the President is a crook, we know that he used illegal means to keep his feet away from the fire during the dog days of the election, and we also know that he is totally comfortable lying to the American people.

Even when that lie can quickly be disproven by evidence, and prosecutors.

No matter what is said about her, no matter how you feel about her profession, Stormy Daniels is just what the doctor ordered.

A confident, vibrant, street fighter who has become the person of the moment, the courage it took for her to take this stand cannot be understated, she has stared down the most powerful man in the world, and smoked him.

Of course she has a brilliant attorney in Michael Avenatti, together the duo has been five steps ahead of the Trump administration, humiliating Donald Trump on a daily basis as the revelations keep getting worse.

The civil suit is becoming less of an issue for Trump, the criminal investigation, of which Daniels is a star witness, is going to force him out of office, and no matter how much he tweets, how much he lies, he knows in his heart that the FBI has him dead to rights in this case, which is why we have seen complete chaos from the White House over the last 6 days.

Stormy Daniels deserves a round of applause, she is going punch for punch with President Donald Trump, and it appears at this point that Trump is not going to survive the full 12 rounds.

In the meantime, I truly feel horrible for Melania Trump, no matter what you think of her politically, the truth is we don’t know her personally, and this case is so cruel in regards to her sensibilities.




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