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Teespring scrambles to explain why they sold “Black Women are trash” t-shirts

From Twitter

The custom t-shirt company Teespring is facing backlash nationwide after a customer created controversial t-shirts using the companies automated creation tools on the website.

“Black Women are Trash” somehow was not caught by company administrators, or system operators, even after the customer attempted to sell the products to third parties.

The company is blaming “code and human error” on the incident, which has not been a positive development for an organization that has pulled down almost $300 million since it was launched roughly six years ago.

The company has since posted an apology, but it seems to be falling on deaf ears, nobody understands how shirts and products this abrasive could actually be printed and sold without anyone catching it.

The company has promised to correct the coding issues, and never allow this to happen again.

We will see.




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