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The curious case of Keaton Jones

From Facebook

2 weeks ago a video of a young boy sobbing over kids bullying him in his school went viral.

The footage is dramatic, bullying is a very real problem in America, and this child’s outburst of emotion reasonated with millions of people.

Money was raised, the kid was invited to visit with athletes and entertainers, the story seemed well on it’s way to a happy ending.

At some point during the public reaction, a few citizens on the ground revealed that Keaton Jones family has been accused of extreme levels of racism, questionable photographs emerged of Keaton’s family.

From Facebook

One image was of his mother Kimberly Jones holding a confederate flag, another was of his father decked out in Neo Nazi related tatoos.

There is also a family photo of the entire clan produly rocking a huge confederate flag.

The story got real crazy as rumors that Keaton was calling other kids nigger in school, and was bullied as a result of that ran rampant.

A feel good story turned into a nightmare for the family, and now many people who donated money to Keaton’s cause want their money back.

A very sad story indeed.




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