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The disgusting behavior of Milo Yiannopoulos is property of the GOP

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Milo Yiannopoulos has resigned as the editor at Breibert News.

He made the announcement in a statement earlier this afternoon via his social media accounts, and then subsequently scheduled a news conference where he would announce his plans to start another news organization.

Yiannopoulos is in this position because of his reprehensible remarks regarding pedophila, and his unbelieve rationalization of the act.

The reaction to Yiannopoulos commentary has been sheer outrage and disgust, but he seems to revel in such circumstances.

Yiannopoulos has made a living with his devisive statements, and his quirky sense of arrogance.

He also has been aligned with the Trump administration, but we are getting ahead of ourselves.

The sound of Yiannopoulos speaking of lude acts against minors in such an odd and vicous manner ruffled the feathers of decent Americans.

This was not a matter of being a convervative, or a democrat.

Any father, mother, brother, sister, anyone with a reasonable value system would find his remarks to unacceptable.

Which they were, it should be a crime to speak in such a way about kids.

Yesterday, he was disinvited from a speaking enagament by CPAC (conservative political action conference) while at the time being blasted by media organizations on both sides of the aisle.

The man is public enemy #1, the only human being in America that can generate as much passion and anger as the President himself.

Speaking of the President, Yiannopoulos is a Trump surrogate, and he actually runs the publication that top advisor Stephen Bannon presided over before Trump took the White House.

Yiannopoulos is inextricably linked to the GOP, and the Trump administration.

He embraces the Alt Right, a political faction that has repeatedly attached itself to the President.

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Aside from his avid support of the Trump, events have connected them.

He was all over the Republican National Convention, headling a Trump event for the LBGQT community.

“Gays for Trump” had Donald’s blessing, he never allows anyone to use his name without cosigning it.

Even more signifigantly, the President defended Yiannopoulos when riots erupted on the campus of UC Berkley before he was scheduled to speak last month.

While it’s impossible to hold the White House fully responsible for the actions of this lunatic, they cannot deny that they vouched for him, and he in turn broadcasted Trump’s general message to millions of Americans.

Bannon worked at the publication, and I have yet to hear him, or anyone else associated with the oval office dennounce these horrible remarks about children.

Trump even offered to take his place at the CPAC gathering , which is another example of the connection between the two men.

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Yiannopoulos leaving Breibert is to protect Trump, but it does not matter anyway, because the magazine does not much credibility with the American public,.

Not when compared to other respected conservative publications like the  Cincinnati Enquirer or Dallas Morning News.

Zealots, and hardliners eat that garbage up, sure, but the average person walking down the street?


Not likely when Yiannopoulos continually published (with a smile) content that is harmful to large groups of people.

What do we make of  Yiannopoulos?

He will enjoy mainstream attention for a couple days, but will eventually fade away.

Once he made those statements about children, the party was over.

Like Rush Limbaugh, he will have a platform in his little corner of the world, and make some money.

But he will be hard pressed to access mainstream platforms, which is where America will win.

People don’t forget his behavior, or want to be associated with it in anyway.

We saw authors give up book deals as oppose to be connected to him in anyway.

Yiannopoulos is a pariah, to give him a platform after this tape, and other contributions, will reflect poorly on the networks and publishing houses that give him a voice.

As for the GOP.

He is all yours, the slime oozing out of his mouth is the property of the Republican Party.

For months, they rubber stamped the actions of this Yiannopoulos.

They gave him status, allowed him to speak at the convention, invited him to speak at the CPAC, the President came to his defense.

The stink of Yiannopoulos is all over the GOP.

No point in attempting to distance yourself now.




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