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The Kardashian/Rhymefest feud is clouding the real issue

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There is a full blown beef between Rhymefest and Kim Kardashian-West over the Donda House, a non profit that supports disadvantaged youth in Chicago.

The non profit is named after the mother of Kanye West.

The mid level rapper Rhymefest, who formed the foundation alongside Kanye, went on a twitter campaign to bring attention the fact that the West family has not shown the commitment needed to support the cause.

For those of you that don’t understand the dynamics at play here, we will provide some backround.

The single Pusha T line recently dropped, and within the ballad was implicit statements referring to the controversial allegation that Drake was the benefactor of some ghost writing.

“Sounds like Nas but it came from Quentin”

Drake fired back with “Duppy”, a lame diss track that also threw shade at Kanye West.

Shortly after the song went public, Rhymefest tweeted at Drake, asking him to help with the Donda House.

Twitter grew curious, the world wanted to know what was behind the tweet, and if Kanye was truly supporting the kids he committed to serve.

At that point the Donda House Twitter handle dropped some heat on the internet.

The organization apologized to everyone for the recent behavior of Kanye West, begging potential donors to not cut off support to the cause.

The foundation also claimed that they have been unable to convert Kayne’s childhood home into a studio because he refuses to pay for the project.

Even though the rapper already committed to doing so.

The chain of events sent Kim Kardashian West into a frenzy, the media mogul took to twitter, defending her husband in series of tweets.

Rhymefest responded not too long after the rant, and broke down exactly why he was upset.

Despite the personal attacks, Rhymefest keep it elegant.

We have posted it here.

In an updated statement, the Donda House Foundation announced they will be changing their name, the organization cited the social media commentary of Kim Kardashian West as it’s reasoning.

Lost in all of this, is the kids that were supposed to be served, if the foundation made representations to donors that they would offer specific programming, and under that premise secured donations, that is a major problem.

It also does not help that the benfactor of the organization is refusing to spend a tiny percentage of his wealth to help kids from his neighboorhood.

It’s one thing to say you want to help, it’s quite another to follow through, and if you consider Kanye’s statements regarding slavery a couple weeks ago, the black community is becoming more and more agitated with Mr. West.

Kim Kardashian has every right to stand up for her man, but she seems oblivious to the larger issue at play here.

Kanye West spent years promoting himself as an advocate for the advancement of his people, even attacked the President on national television, but since he married Kim Kardashian West, that entire disposition has gone out the window.

It is what it is.





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