From @paintdaface

There is outrage towards an artist that transformed a woman from white to black

From @paintdaface

An Instagram account that goes by the name of @paintdaface has taken serious backlash on social media for posting an image of a white woman being transformed into a black man.

The contrast in the two images is stunning, but make no mistake, it’s the same person.

This is the work of a talented artist, who should be have no problem getting a job in Hollywood after this image went viral.

But the critical mass achieved by posting the photo was tainted by the negative reaction.

The post was accompanied by a disclaimer that was intended to contain any potential backlash, but ended up only fueling the outrage.

Black women were most offended by this, users saw this as a theft of racial identity, along with other physical features that white women have “stolen” over the last decade.

The outrage is confusing, this was after all, an expression of art, and a demonstration of how talented make up specialists are.

This was not about race, not according to artist.

The woman who participated in this had every right too, she can do what she wants to with her face.

Everyone needs to chill out.





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