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“The silence breakers” have been named the Time Magazine person of the year

From Instagram

Time Magazine has unveiled their annual person of the year.

In this case, it’s persons of the year.

The award has been earned by the “Silence Breakers”

The women and men who have come forward, and spoken up about their experience as victims of sexual assault.

The stories run the professional gamut, hollywood, politics, sports.

President Trump finished a distant second according to the polling despite claiming that he had won the award.

The selection was an academic one, no other group of people this year have altered the basic fabric of a male dominated society in the manner these women(and men) have over the last 3 months.

The cover is a powerful, depicting some of the freedom fighters sitting alongside each other.

These woman and men have instigated a discussion that will eventually have a profound impact on gender equality in this country and beyond.

Time Magazine got it right with this selection, however, there is a sub group of citizens that are missing.

There is some questions about why a man didn’t make the cover, there is several examples of silence breakers that are men, but it’s assumed thats a question Time Magazine will address in time.





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