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Sunny Co Clothing in hot water after free swimsuit giveaway spirals out of control

A clothing company in California bit off way more than they could chew when they announced a free swimsuit giveaway on Instagram Thursday.

A harmless promotion has now turned into horrifying nightmare as thousands and thousands of people have scrambled to cash in on the promotion.

The contest was only slated to last for 24 hours, but the Sunny Co Clothing is going to be on the ropes for weeks to fill more orders than they can possibly manage without taking a serious loss.

The retail value of the swimsuit is roughly $64 bones, many women (and some men) have the expectation that they will receive the swimsuit as long as they pay for shipping and handling.

It’s fair to say that the Sunny Co Clothing is on the clock, if they don’t deliver, the company will take a massive hit to it’s credibility.



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