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Trump’s attacks on the NFL and the NBA are aimed at the black community

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President Trump’s fear of Robert Mueller’s monster hunt has again driven him to make decisions that are at best destructive to the very fabric of American society.

Mueller’s investigation is circling the Trump administration, and the implicit meaning of all the document requests suggest that the President himself is in legal jeopardy.

President Trump is looking down the barrel of obstruction of justice.

Worst of all, he could be impeached during his second year in office, and go down as the worst President in American history.

You would think someone in this precarious position would do everything they could to rally public support, and unify the country.

Instead, Trump goes to Alabama last night, and says this.

Keep in mind Puerto Rico is without power, yet another healthcare bill is in trouble, and the President instead attempts to stir up his shrinking base with racially charged rhetoric.

Make no mistake, the President of the United States is calling a black man a son of a bitch for kneeling in protest.

Lets put aside the fact that a sitting President used profanity in a public speech, and focus on the meat of the problem.

Trump has some nerve attacking the NFL considering the organization is responsible for a 7.5 million dollar donation to his campaign, the National Football remains one of the most powerful companies in the United States.

The NFL has ties to old money all over the country, many of these owners are connected to politicians, hedge funds, attacking them is a big risk for a lame duck President.

The NFL did the right thing today by responding to Trump with a stern statement, but in many regards they didn’t have a choice.

The NFL was looking at a mutiny if they bowed down to Trump.

On top of all that, Trump’s attack was aimed at the black community, aimed at African Americans who detest his Presidency, and are fed up with these public displays of bigotry.

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This was aimed all Americans who are sick and tired of this loud mouthed bigot making destructive speeches on national television.

Trump is antagonizing the black community, and America in general.

If there was any doubts about that, they were erased this morning when Trump attacked the mild mannered Stephen Curry, who just so happens to be one of the more popular black athletes on the planet.

First Colin Kaepernick, then Stephen Curry, all within a 12 hour time span.

What is the common denominator?

Both are wealthy and successful African American men.

Trump’s attack on Curry is mind blowing, and a tipping point for the black community.

Curry is the feel good story of NBA history, an undersized underdog who reached  the top of sport through sheer force of will, the man is a hero to millions of children, and with very good reason.

Curry has a sparkling image, a humble approach to the public, a salt of the earth type of person.

Curry is the polar opposite of Trump, and just so happens to be a dear friend of former President Barack Obama, which might be the reason he was attacked.

The NBA is a very tolerant league, led by a progressive advocate in basketball chief Adam Silver.

This attack on Curry will be considered an attack on everybody, it’s doubtful any NBA team will visit the White House while Trump is in office.

Trump has attacked prominent African Americans time and time again during his tenure in politics, there is almost too many examples to count.

It’s not a surprise, but picking a fight with the NBA and the NFL on the same day is going to affect President Trump more than he realizes.

Business relationships, public figures, people from all walks of life will distance themselves from Trump at a moment that he needs all the friends he can get.

Athletes all over the country, who might not have cared one way or the other, will turn against the President.

But Trump is not thinking about that, he is impulsive, a truly short sighted man.

The President is more more focused on distracting the country, exciting his racist base,  and generating negative headlines.

Nevermind the millions of people in Puerto Rico who are suffering on a daily basis.



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