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Trump’s attempt to politicize the Florida massacre has blown up in his face

Last week 17 human beings were gunned down in cold blood at Parkland highschool in Florida.

The mass shooting is already considered one of the most horrific losses of life in American history.

The massacre became a flash point in the ongoing  national debate on gun control, with members of Congress and the President of the United States lobbying for different sides of the discussion.

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Lost in all the sensational commentary was the fact that children had been murdered, and after awhile, all of the political tit for tat became disrespectful to the victims.

This is a tragedy, not an opportunity to establish political purchase.

Donald J. Trump could not resist the chance to distract the country from his own legal problems, publishing a tweet that has drawn the ire of survivors of the assault, and just about everyone who read it.

During his Presidency, Trump has made a habit of using death and suffering as a means to make a political point.

The London terrorist attack, Charlottesville, and now the Parkland shooting.

This latest incident however has blown up in his face, the survivors of the shooting has come out in full force against the President, and destroyed any political captial he was attempting to establish.

First Trump blamed the victims(and the survivors) by claiming that none of them did anything to prevent the shooting, than Sunday morning, Mr. Trump uses the death of 17 innnocent people to discredit the team of investigators that are inching closer to his doorstep.

Trump behavior indicates a complete lack of empathy, he actually attempted to make the assault about him, and his crusade to denigrate career law enforcement officers.

The controversial tweet has alienated Trump on both sides of the aisle, and instigated yet another firestorm that he has zero control over.




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