Twitter bans Roger Stone for life after he threatens CNN anchors

From Twitter

Team trump is full out panic mode.

Robert Mueller’s investigation is about to claim it’s first scalp, and the mystery surrounding the impending arrest is driving the Trump’s surrogates crazy.

Sean Hannity, and other Trump loyalist spent the last 6 days attempting to spin a criminal investigation into a positive while also blaming the democratic party for actions the Trump adminstration took AFTER he was elected.

Despite all the noise, Mueller silently filed indictments, and the FBI will begin kicking in doors as soon as tommorow.

The news has created quite the fallout.

From Twitter

Team Trump has been lashing out on a consistent basis over the last 48 hours, and nobody has been louder than Roger Stone.

Mr. Stone went nuts yesterday after news of the indictments went public.

Roger took to Twitter and published dangerous commentary aimed at various CNN personalities.

Mr. Stones threats have now drawn the ire of Twitter, and he has been  banned from the website forever according to reports.

From Twitter

Twitter has suspended plenty of people, but full out banishment from the social engine is rare.

Stone’s madness indicates the fear in the Trump camp, nobody knows who is going to be taken into custody, and there is no guarantee that only one person will be arrested.

Stone’s unhinged behavior is consistent with the position he finds himself in.

Roger Stone could be looking at Federal prison unless he rats out his cohorts, that’s a tough pill to swallow.

Blaming it on everyone else is a natural reaction.


President Trump has used Twitter to threaten everyone under the sun, at what point will Twitter remove him from the network?




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