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Video: Chelsea Handler under fire for controversial parody of Sarah Sanders

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Netflix superstar Chelsea Handler is feeling the heat after being consumed in backlash in reponse to producing controversial paraody of White House Press Secratary Sarah Huckbee Sanders.

Handler then shared the video on twitter, and it was not received well.

The video contains references to Sanders, such as her face is a big fat biscuit, there is also implication that she looks like a man.

Fans of the entertainer were not pleased with the video, or it’s message, and the feeling seemed to bipartisan.

After all, Handler promotes feminism, the video was seen by many as hypocritical.

Handler took a break from acting to focus on gender equality, to be a voice in political movements, tweeting the body shaming of anyone is not going to score brownie points with the public.

Neither will the very lackluster apology that she furnished after Twitter lost it’s mind.

From Wonderwall

Chelsea replied, defending herself by saying, “This woman deserves to be taken down. She is pure evil,”

Perhaps Handler can find more appropriate ways to entertain her legion of fans, and try to show a bit of contrition for the damage this video may have caused.



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