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Video: Eugenie Bouchard reflects on her Super Bowl date

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Shortly after she was eliminated from the Connecticut Open by Agnieszka Radwanska, Eugenie Bouchard met with reporters to discuss what she has taken away from the two matches she competed in before losing a very tight 2nd round match.

Though she was clearly dejected by the loss, Bouchard still found the humility to explain her perspective of the infamous Super Bowl bet she made with a fan during the game itself.

She would lose the bet, and take the guy out on a date.

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On February 6, 2017, during the Super Bowl LI match between the New England Patriots and the Atlanta Falcons, Bouchard took to Twitter to predict the outcome of the game stating that Atlanta would win.

A bet was proposed by a certain fan named John Goehrke in reply to her tweet with a proposal that Bouchard would go on a date with him if the Patriots would win the game. As it so happened, the New England Patriots went on to beat the Atlanta Falcons with a score of 34–28.

She later released a statement on her Twitter handle quoting, “I will do it, I stay true to my word”.[135] The two subsequently went to watch a basketball game in Madison Square Garden. Bouchard paid for John’s trip including flights and accommodation and in return he bought her a gift from Tiffany and Co which she shared on her Snapchat account.

Tonight, Tastie Fish asked Bouchard to expand upon the experience, and her response had the entire press conference laughing.

Bouchard may have been defeated tonight, but she demonstrated why she has managed to connect so well with the fans.




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