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Video: Kellyanne Conway gets roasted by a protestor for being a hypocrite

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Kellyanne Conway was ambushed by a protestor the Politico hosted “Women Rule” event, a feminism based summit that was staged earlier this afternoon.

An argument ensued, it was heated.

The beef jumped off during an open forum discussion that Conway was conducting with the attending moderator.

During the conversation, Conway attempted to promote gender equality, feminism, the basic rights of women in America.

She also revealed that she had a “me too” moment.

Some of Conway’s remarks infuriated a social advocate in the audience, and with good reason.

Kellyanne Conway has turned the cheek while over 10 women have accused the President of sexual assault, at no point has she, or any of the other ranking women in the administration actually taken a stand.


Conway gave Trump a pass when the Access Hollywood tape dropped, the woman has continually downplayed the numerous accounts of unwanted advances that have been levied against the President.

But she is going to assume some mantle as a symbol of female empowerment?

Melissa Byrne wasn’t having it.

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HECKLER: Kellyanne, your boss grabs women —

PALMER: Excuse me, we’re going to have a — I just want to say —

CONWAY: She just wants to go viral.

PALMER: Yeah it’s fine, but I really do want to say that, we’re here to have a dialogue, and Kellyanne —

CONWAY: [To heckler] But just remember, you didn’t get the question out of your mouth.

HECKLER: I got the question out of my mouth. Your boss grabs women by the pussy! Why do you work for him?

PALMER: So, I want — I want — ma’am? We really — okay, so. We are here to — Kellyanne and I are going to have a conversation, and hopefully we’ll be illuminating to everyone here. So, one thing I did want to talk about, that is not, and I apologize for that, is —

CONWAY: By the way, you don’t have to remove her on my account. I very much believe in the First Amendment. And I think anybody has a right to sound like a complete jackass if they’d like to.

Conway has opened the door for this type of criticism, her total ambivalence to the behavior of her boss make it’s difficult for some to listen to her wax philosophical about the virtues of female empowerment.





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