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Video: Kevin Hart denigrates women while apologizing for cheating

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Comedian Kevin Hart furnished some odd commentary concerning his evolving approach to Monogamy

Kevin Hart is currently terrified that a rumored sex tape could be disseminated into the public domain, and wanted to get ahead of it.

Kevin Hart has experienced considerable marital issues in the last year or so, allegations that he was cheating on his wife circulated on the internet.

Here is his apology. 

Kevin Hart did not make this apology because he wanted too, the threat of a sex tape motivated him to do it.

His apology was heartfelt whileignorant, misogynistic, and unbearably tone deaf.

Hart does not seem to be connecting the dots here.

He stopped cheating not because it was wrong, but the risk was too great that he would be caught.

That is a very flawed way to approach a relationship, so this sob story is not going to resonate as deeply as he would hope.

As for the sex tape.

Why public figures produce sex tapes is anyone’s guess, but if the tape is dumped, Hart should use his considerable wealth to sue the person, and further pursue extortion charges if the the circumstances of the case are deemed criminal.

Kevin Hart’s best bet right now is to be quiet, his disrespectful apology did nothing to help his public image.




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