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Video: New Haven welcomes Christmas season, lights tree on green

From Tastie Fish

New Haven rang in the Christimas season with a bang thursday night as over a 1000 citizens from the Elm city and beyond descended upon the city green to enjoy a festival that personified the word happy.

A petting zoo, a faeris wheel, a merry go round, the tree lighting celebration was a wonderful demonstration of the Christmas spirit, and what the city i of capable of when it comes together.

The children were the biggest winner Thursday night as they scurried around the makeshift amusement park laughing and smiling all over the place.

From Tastie Fish

Santa Claus was in attendance, and took the time to speak with Tastie Fish!

Santa wants to wish everyone a merry Christmas.

Great people, fun times.

From Tastie Fish

Kudos to Mayor Harp, City Hall, the sponsors, and NBC Connecticut for organizing an awesome event!



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